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Google Drive allows you access to your files online, files that can be created through Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Slides. A lot of schools are now using Google Drive as a way for students to write and send reports directly to their teachers or other students if it is a team or group report or project. This also helps to reduce the need for printing and paper wasting in our trying to go green planet.

Google Documents is like what we are used to when it comes to writing, just like Microsoft Word or Office. You can change your font color, size, and style. Highlight certain sentences or words. Use bullet points, create paragraphs, align paragraphs, double space them, or indent. Add a table with columns or rows. Edit, then share it online, transfer, or save it online for someone else to view.

Google Spreadsheets are used to create expense reports, team schedules, budget planner, and event planner. Make names and list that can be organized, changed and edited. Google Spreadsheets look like a bar graph, it contains rows and columns. Inside of the rows and columns are smaller blocks called cells. You can even color coordinate the columns to help with organizations or add a graph to show a psychical incline or decline of the data in your spreadsheet. You can also send this or transfer this document through Google Drive for others to view.

googleapps-bizGoogle Slides is used to create presentation boards. You can add as many pages as you need and then send it through Google Drive for meetings or other types of presentations. With Google Slides you can add text, shapes, and lines to your boards as well as upload pictures to share. You can text just like with Google Documents, you can change the shape, size, and style. There are five different types of shape categories used with Google Slides. Basic shapes, like squares, triangles, diamonds, circles, sun, moon, stars, lightning bolts, and different variations of them. There are many types of arrows, curved, straight, four ways, pointed, and rounded. Flow charts are added within the presentation and can be used to add similar ideas to the same board. You can change its color, choose full color or just outline color, have an underline line that can be solid, dashed, or dotted. Add font and change colors, highlight or size to the flow chart to make it really pop out within the board. Callouts are just like thought bubbles they can be scrolls, stars, bubbles, banner shaped, or variations of them as well. Finally you can even add in equations like plus, negative, multiplication, division, and equal signs as well as parentheses.

Lines can be used for separating different things on a board or connecting them. There are three types of lines, a line, an elbow connector, and a curved line. All can be changed, moved, color altered, or outlined. A line can be used to create columns or rows within a single page and it can be short or long. The elbow connector has two ninety degree angles with one side longer than the next and can be used to enter in side thoughts. A curved line you can pull and twist, just like on paint, to make it into the shape you want.

Google, once just a popular search engine, has come a long way. You can now, not only send and receive emails through gmail, but write and transfer documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides through Google Drive. Google apps have plans for your business that start at just five dollars a month. The great news is that you can get a 20 discount off per user off with a Google apps for work promotion code. The great thing about Google Apps for Work is that you can have your company’s domain for email and all your Google Apps. You can get the Google apps promotion code simply by searching on the web, or you can go to this website for the latest Google apps discount.